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This past Monday the Estufa Finca team:  Laura, Vivianna, Soibeda and me,along with a couple of great volunteers (*thanks Julie and Cedric) completed the second month of collecting biochar from stove users in  the upriver, Bribri pueblo of Amubri, Costa Rica.

We have collected 94 sacks of biochar.  The 1st month there was 28 sacks. This month there was 66 sacks. We have weighed all the sacks. The total weight is 804 kilograms.**( we have not factored in water weight yet)

Viviana and Soibeda with a boatload of biochar


Average is 8.5 kilograms per sack. At this time we are collecting from 18 houses in Amubri. That would represent approximately 1.5 kilograms perstove, each day. The project has 50 stoves distributed. This includes 5 demonstration stoves. 1 stove in Panama. 7 stoves sold to the general public. 37 stoves in households in Amubri and Shiroles. We are distributing 39 more stoves next Wednesday in the upriver communities of Suiri and Amubri.

We are paying $5 per sack. This can mean a lot to these families.

*804 kilograms = 1 772.51659 pounds! Almost one ton!
I hope to be announcing the 1st big biochar sale soon, so stay tuned. It’s an exciting work in progress. Lot’s of challenges to meet, but we definitely don’t lack in community involvement or interest. We currently have a 29 households on a waiting list.

PS: If you have not seen it yet, please check out our 1st Estufa
Finca-Talamanca video on the on the SeaChar Youtube channel:
Laura and I should have a “Part-Two” ready to post soon. We’ve have some
very cool video clips.

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