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BioChar BBQ

BioChar BBQ

Two day BioChar Stove Building Workshop
on Sat & Sun November 17th & 18th from 10am to 4pm.
at the new BioChar outdoor education center at Morethana Farm
Sammamish Valley Farm
16215 140th Pl NE
Woodinville, WA 98072

Morethanna Farm is a collaborative effort between Antioch University Seattle, Pacific Bamboo Resources, and to support community education in sustainable growing practices.

We invite you to participate on either or both days by signing up on the Moerthana Farm EventBrite Page

Satuday we will be building the basic Estufa Finca Five Gallon BioChar Farm Stoves pyroneered by Art Donnelly at

Sunday is for building the CookTop and Air Base add-on that convert the basic ESTUFA FINCA Farm Stove into a freestanding backyard BBQ(makes BioChar rather than consume charcoal). Also building a derivative design of the smaller Dome School Soup Can Emergency / Camping / Tea Light Stove.  and cooking up chilli or whatever is brought to share on our creations.

The Estufa Finca Stove is great for use as an outdoor fire pit or BBQing in your backyard WHILE creating BioChar for your garden (if you choose to include the cooktop and air base add-ons to your stove to make it a Carbon Negative BBQ).

The Dome School stove is fairly kid friendly, is great for understanding the principles of gasification, biochar creation while replacing traditional expensive proprietary camping equip.

Either stove is good to have around and know how to use in personal / community emergency preparedness as well as building sustainable solutions for our soil, environment, and future.

If you wish to participate in the workshop by building a stove, and/or add-on please sign up on the Moerthana Farm EventBrite Page

If you wish to help out by volunteering your time, tools, and/or expertise please contact the event organizer on the same page.

If you are planning on taking the Estufa Finca stove design and introducing it to other parts of the world we invite you to participate by showing up early, help setup the workshop, and possibly help other stove builders with the more tricky parts of the stove build. Please contact the event organizer if you wish to help out in that capacity.


Larry James
on behalf of, Pacific Bamboo Resources, Antioch U Seattle, and MoreThanA Farm – Volunteer / Stove Builder / Instructor / BioChar Stove Project

additional details below…

Join us on Saturday anor/or Sunday Nov 17th and 18th from 10am to 4pm, at Morethanna Farm
Sammamish Valley Farm, 16215 140th Pl NE, Woodinville, WA 98072. for an BioChar Stove Building Workshop. Learn a little about biochar and build a TLUD ( top lit updraft) clean burning, fuel efficient, biochar producing cook stove.

* Saturday – $25 donation (usually $75!) – build and take home a five gallon “GARDEN MASTER Stove”. This gardener’s version of our “ESTUFA FINCA” project stove, makes clean heat and soil building biochar from your garden and yard wastes.

Dome School Stove at Night

Dome School Stove Tea Light

* Sunday – $25 donation – build and take home a “Dome School Stove”. This mini-TLUD is the perfect camping/hand warming/ tea light version of the big stove technology.
* There elegant micro-gasifiers are, affordable, easy to build and safe to use. You will NEED to bring (4) tin cans for this stove: (1) 46oz. can [tomato juice], (1) approx. 32 oz. [crushed or diced tomatoes], (1) 18.5oz. Progresso soup, (1) 15oz. can [black or red beans]. [some can be Pre-emptied and washed]

This will be the base for the Chilli on Sunday so bring appropriate ingredients.
If you are planning on building the small stove it would be great if you could also bring a church key can opener, a hammer, pliers, box knife, and a hacksaw. a few more of these tools on hand will help your builds go faster.

* Sunday – $25 donation – build the CookTop and Air Base add-on if you are already using a ESTUFA FINCA Farm Stove and just want a convert your basic stove into a freestanding backyard BBQ that creates BioChar rather than consume charcoal.

* On both days along with building stoves, we will be learning a little about biochar and how to use it in the your garden and/or replace your backyard BBQ.

* Bring a snack, a pair of gloves and if possible a pair of safety glasses, and ear plugs. We are low on duplicates of a few basic tools so if you could bring your own it will help workflow. Farm Stove builders should bring a hammer and a fully charged battery operated drill. Dome School Stove builders should bring a church key can opener, a hammer, pliers, box knife, and a hacksaw. all other tools will be provided. (extras will help keep wait time for tools down)

If you are planning on trying your stove after the build, bring a cup and/or a pot to heat your food up in and something to eat off of (bowl and spoon at the very least for the chilli)..

* Everyone will have a lot of fun, most people will go home with a tested stove, and an expanded understanding of biochar. On Sunday we can test out our new creations by cooking up whatever is brought to share.

If you wish you may make an additional donation that will go directly to We are recommending $25-$50 donation for the workshop to help with their continuing efforts in reducing carbon emissions while improving lives (in Costa Rica and other locations). Normal workshop pricing for both days would be $125 for Stove, Add-on, and Camp Stove. Generous grants from local sustainable businesses have reduced that to $25 a day for this particular workshop. You can use the PayPal button on SeaChar.Org website at: or checks to SeaChar.Org new mailing address @ Seattle Biochar Working Group, C/o David McInturff, 4705 Memory Lane West University Place WA.  98467

Space is limited to 20 stove bodies and 20 Cooktop/AirBase add-ons so sign up ASAP!

Reinvent fire with us and build a Sustainable Future.

Larry James – Volunteer / Stove Builder / Instructor / BioChar Stove Project

P.S. recently had a temporary setback down in Costa Rica with a loss of tooling, computers, ect. Please see the website for details and let Art know if you can help out with replacemts.

If you are a Estufa Finca alumni there is still the  Estufa Finca BioChar Farm Stove Users Group to help bring users together and share their stove use and building experiences.

MoreThanA Farm  – Growing Health Soils Fall 2012 Workshop pdf announcement link

PDF of this doc –

A special thanks to Dusty Strings in Fremont for their generous material donation that makes these workshops possible.