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Biochar School:
Appropriate Technology for the Small Farm

November 7-11, 2014

•    5 days of learning and experimentation at Swallow Valley Farm in Sonoma County, California
•    Produced by Wilson Biochar Associates, New England Biochar, LLC and Biocarbon Associates
•    Co-sponsored by US Biochar Initiative, Sonoma Biochar Project, Southern California Biochar Initiative and others TBA

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This educational program will demonstrate simple, small to medium scale biochar production technology, with lessons and demonstrations of methods for feedstock selection and handling, biochar post-processing and application.  You will leave the school with a well-rounded experience and knowledge of the nuts-and-bolts practicality of on-farm biochar systems.  Here are some of the topics we will cover:

•    Building low tech biochar devices
•    Design for combined heat and biochar
•    Biomass & biochar handling: matching feedstocks to devices, size reduction, drying, grinding, storage
•    Biochar mixtures and preparations: compost, bokashi, minerals, wood vinegar
•    How to test and characterize biochar
•    How to apply biochar
•    How to set up field and pot trials to assess biochar effects
•    How to match biochars to soils and crops
•    Integrating biochar in permaculture practices

About the venue: Swallow Valley Farm provides a unique combination of resources:  a working farm with an established system built around the stationary Adam Retort of the Sonoma County Biochar Project; a large meeting room that can hold 50 people; a huge pole barn for under-roof activities; and nearby permaculture farms where biochar is in active use.

Housing and meals: Unlimited camping is available at the farm, or you can opt to stay at nearby hotels or cabins.  A caterer will work in our large, professional kitchen preparing all meals.

Faculty (preliminary list):
•    Kelpie Wilson, Wilson Biochar Associates, editor at the Biochar Journal, researcher at the Ithaka Institute
•    Peter Hirst, New England Biochar, Sonoma Biochar Initiative, Swallow Valley Farm
•    Raymond Baltar, Sonoma Biochar Initiative, Biocarbon Associates
•    Gloria Flora, Executive Director, US Biochar Initiative
•    Paul Anderson, Dr TLUD, Chip Energy
•    Toby Hemenway, Pattern Literacy, author of Gaia’s Garden
•    Michael Wittman, Blue Sky Biochar, Southern California Biochar Initiative
•    Art Donnelly, SeaChar, Estufa Finca
•    John Miedema, BioLogical Carbon, biochar educator and innovator
•    Josiah Hunt, Pacific Biochar
•    Simran Raphael, Regenerative Earth, Bloomfield Organics
•    Philip Small, Land Profile, Inc
•    Matt Banchero, the Tree Hugging tree cutter
•    Damien McAnany, Ecological Landscaper

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