Announcing the Biochar Journal

From: Kathleen Draper

US CHARector at Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence

Hans-Peter Schmidt, Kelpie Wilson and I are excited to officially launch the Biochar Journal (tBJ), the first international journal dedicated to biochar.

The Biochar Journal will provide relevant, cutting edge research and practical guidance showing how the use of biochar and other climate friendly techniques can not only boost economic and environmental resilience but also regenerate local, regional and global ecosystems. We are planning to cover biochar uses in agriculture, livestock farming, building industry, habitat remediation, desert reforestation, disaster management, water treatment, reusable packaging, electronics and more.

To maintain our independence, we do not plan to accept sponsorship agreements from the growing biochar industry. We are proud to be financed only by the good will and enthusiasm of our readers. Help us prove that this idealism can work by choosing one of three subscription formulas, or by giving an amount of your choosing to help sustain the Biochar Journal and its contributions to the development and deployment of biochar around the world.

Our goal is to deliver new and exciting information related to biochar-based technology, application and research from as many different sources as possible. We need your help to make this happen, not just financially, but in terms of creative ideas, research and stories worth telling that will help us cooperatively raise biochar to a new level. We hope you will join us in co-creating the biochar revolution!

Come and look and read:
Welcome to the Biochar Journal (tBJ)

The first international journal dedicated to biochar is online now!