Reinvent Fire and Help Build a Sustainable Future

Join us on the Winter Solstice 

Make a beautiful, rustic tin-can torchiere that doubles as a BioChar Camp Stove

Sunday, December 21st from 1pm – 3pm at the West Seattle Nursery

BioChar Stove Lantern

BioChar Stove Lantern

This blazing fire is a wonderful activity to warm up your outdoor holiday, while learning how to craft your own gifts, reuse and recycle materials, and learn more about biochar and our environment. It is a fun project for kids (over 10) and adults.

Dome School BioChar Camp Stove Workshop 1pm – 3pm

West Seattle Nursery & Garden Center

5275 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98136

Build a derivative design of Kelpie Wilson’s Dome School Soup Can Emergency / Camping / Tea Light Stove (see video here).

This little stove is great for understanding the principles of wood gasification and biochar creation while replacing traditional expensive backpacking equipment.

The camp stove is good to have around and know how to use in camping, personal / community emergency preparedness, as well as teaching sustainable solutions for our soil and environment.

BioChar Pine Cone

BioChar Pine Cone

BioChar is charcoal but made with a purpose…

It locks away carbon for thousands of years, improves soil with better root aeration, decreases water evaporation, provides a great home for beneficial soil organisms to thrive in, and helps keep nutrients where plants need it rather than leaching into our waterways.

  • Class Price is $25

Please RSVP Jenn Dowell at West Seattle Nursery  –
Larry James (and Julia Jackson) – [Instructors]

( Volunteer, Stove Builder, Instructor)


***** You will NEED to bring FOUR specific tin cans [Preferably pre-emptied and washed]  ******

  • a 46oz. can [tomato juice]
  • a can approx. 28 oz. [crushed tomatoes]
  • an 18.5oz. Progresso soup can
  • and (for the decorative chimney), either a 15oz. can [tomatoes] or a short 8oz can (like in the photo)
  • You should also bring a pair of gloves to wear during the class (if you have them), since there will be many sharp edges! Goggles/safety glasses strongly recommended (required for minors).

Also feel free to bring some of the tools listed below so there might be extras:

  • Can opener, Triangle can punch, Hammer, Phillips screwdriver, Tin snips, Box knife, Pliers/needle nose, Hacksaw, Nail/awl, Metal File, Spacer (paper bag/cardboard).

Donate to                     Kelpie Wilson’s Dome School Stove Design

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