For you 4.30 in the morning, for me 6.30 am. Carolina and I just ran to cover the coffee we have in our small patio and it did not get really wet thankfully . There are around 8 people picking our coffee right now. today is our first day of harvest. The are out in the rain as we speak
Today everyone in town is worried as we all have our coffee on the plants and the weather is doing exactly what nobody was expecting, but everybody should. acting out against us, It rains in dry season.
We can see the sky and as farmers we know it will stay for today, what will it bring tomorrow, we dont know.
Yesterday with the family that works and lives at my farm we had a wonderful experience with the stoves, only, and I did not know. every time we set something right close to the flame it did start smoking because of the lack of oxigen but incredible for everyone to see it working on the gas coming from the wood, it did last way way longer than  any wood could of in any other way . We know better now how to use them.
My first one in this town will be for my coworkers , as they have four kids and use wood for cooking  to save on propane gas. We only use propane, we can pay for it.
A few days ago the world was meeting  in a rich Country and none of the guys on those podiums as far as I know is  getting their means out of farming but of Politics, they do talk and implement  while every thing continues the same. Farmers live in close connection to the patterns of nature  and we surrender to them. We look up to the sky They look up to Wall Street. Today I wonder which roaster who uses our coffee is wondering what nature will bring to them  tomorrow? I know there are those out there!
Art, my friends now are touch by the experience last night  and they can see the good behind the stoves. We are very few my friend. My very neighbor just cut a bunch of trees around his newly bought farm, at the same time that the ICAFE institution that runs the show on coffee in Costa Rica, is already telling us, we better prepare for climate change. A good intelligent person, just did another mistake that takes us no where. The creek we all use is drying, simply drying, but thankfully, it is raining and if I have to choose, rather water than coffee beans, how do we tell that to each other, we also have been told, money speaks, and is all that matters
This is Costa Rica supposed to be a model and you will see and you will hear, if the model is doing these stupid actions, what is going on out there? You and I know the answer.
You are not just welcome but your presence will do so much good to those in quest here, to those like me that try to find  a ground where we meet our needs, the needs of others and of  our planet at the same time.
Man we have the metal buckets and we have already commitment friends with you on this project. They want to meet you and welcome you.
Thank you Art and hope we can offer you another reason to exist.
My friend hope the rain stops, in two more days the beans will start to fall.
Ask the guys in Copenhagen if they really care?
Peace and solidarity