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i had a conversation with Rocio Loria, the anthropologist in charge on site  of the ongoing project   with the migratory coffee pickers here in Los Santos Region and she is all for checking out and being  part of the workshops  on the Biochar stoves coming up in January!!!
We will be talking in the first week of the next year, and  working around how to better take advantage of this opportunity and how to  endorse it, in the case of their institution.
Two of her coworkers  who are helping in the construction of the composted toilets, and giving the lessons on the use of the  toilets  to the Indigenous community, were at my house today, checking out the stoves. During the next months they will be staying at our house.  Art, you will get to meet them during your time here. They will talking among themselves to decide  who would be the person from this  institution who will be participating on the workshops , I know Rocio and the girls will be there with us those  days, still that  chosen person, will be one who  can further this technology within us and for the particular purposes of UNA, and SALTRA
Art, I think it will be very important to prepare yourself for a good time, as some  people already have a question or two.  We  hope you will be willing to present, this your work more formally  and of Seachar. org. to members of our community  I think the Nubotropica Foundation would be a good place to have a presentation on Biochar. It would be good to have the full picture of what is at stake here, as all its benefits, challenges, possible partners or sponsors and if possible, how you envision a future relationship with our Association and other Organizations too in Costa Rica
Rocio told me they will be sending a formal letter to you once everything is clear,( she believes me, and all I  have said about Biochar ).Because of the Institution involvement, they have to follow its formalities.  She was even asking about prices and logistics like  who can come to the workshops?. I am still trying to figure that out as our  main concern is to give it to persons who will prosper the process, will work in group and a persons who have a good  understanding  of its full meaning ( the socio ecological implications of the use of Biochar stoves and technology . Our association is already fully engage. as it all help us present  the humble work we do within and without our borders
Art , Paul,for us it is very important to find ways to find recognition with  our work, with our farms, with our communities , with the environment, and in what we offer in all this, in terms of  what  this type of appropriate technology could be doing in terms of carbon sequestration,together with the shade we have in our coffee farms ?, it would be also important to find the mechanism to measure this, and to see if in the future my friends can be lets say pay for it.  I hope  what I am trying to say here,  makes some sense ?
for your information yesterday  another  girl working for UNA  got a huge headache out of being at one of the Indigenous camps and caused by so much smoke  while they were cooking inside the shelters where they are staying at
Javier Baltodano is included in this email with the hope that the Organization he works for  Coecoceiba and Friends of the Earth, may feel incline to support your efforts in this matter here in Costa Rica, also I am sending this email to Walter Rodrigues and Roberto Mack active members of APPTA who Art and Education without Borders will be visiting in the coming year, to find  ways to bring this technology to this community of  mostly Indigenous cocoa growers in the  Talamanca Region. Education without Borders will be building and delivering biochar stoves in their visit to this area in July and we truly hope, Dr Anderson will part of the team visiting this Indigenous area of Costa Rica, during this visit in July.
This a simple way to introduce some of the participants and hope future partners in this  such a valuable venture
Best regards to all
Arturo Segura.
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