Greetings Pyroneers,

Join me on Sat. November 20th,  10am -6pm,  at the Viking Fire Foundry (4710 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, Wa. 98107),  for a one-day Stove Building Workshop. Learn about biochar and build a TLUD ( top lit updraft) clean burning, fuel efficient, biochar producing cook stove.

* For a $25 donation build and take home a “Dome School Stove”. This mini-TLUD is the perfect backpackers version of our big stove technology.
… * These elegant micro-gasifiers are, affordable, easy to build and safe to use. You will need to bring (4) tin cans for this stove: (1) 46oz. juice can, (1) 33oz. crushed tomatoes, (1) 18.5oz. Progresso soup, (1) 15oz. black beans. Bring you cans full and the contents will go into our end of the afternoon cook-off!

* For a $75 donation build and take home a five gallon “GARDEN MASTER Stove”. This gardener’s version of our “ESTUFA FINCA” project stove, makes clean heat and soil building biochar from your garden and yard wastes. All materials for this stove will be provided.

* Along with building stoves, we will be learning about biochar and how to use biochar in the garden.

* This will also be fund raiser for the “ESTUFA FINCA” project . Learn how clean burning, biochar-making stoves can build opportunities for woman, fight climate change and save lives and trees.

* Bring a lunch, a pair of gloves and if possible a pair of safety glasses

* This will be a full day workshop. Everyone will have fun and everyone will be going home with a tested stove and an expanded understanding of biochar. We will end the day by testing our new creations, cooking and enjoying some music together into the evening.

* Also available for donation, the day of the workshop will be Sol Coliri Coffee and Cocoa , as well as Ballard Biochar mix.

All money collected will go toward supporting our work on the next phase of the: The Farm Stove Pilot Project ( Proyecto Estufa Finca ) Costa Rica

We are requesting a $25 materials deposit from those who wish to build a 5 gallon “GARDEN MASTER Stove” You can use our the PayPal button on our Donate Page
mail checks to SeaChar.Org @ 603 Stewart Street, Suite 906 Seattle, Wa. 98101

Please RSVP! To: or contact Art for more information and directions.

Come reinvent fire with us,

Art Donnelly
President SeaChar.Org
US Project Manager, The Farm Stove Project